Gatecoin hack


Gatecoin, a Hong Kong-based currency exchange, loses Bitcoin and Ethereum through a hack and theft. 185,000 ethers and 250 Bitcoins or approximately.

IO, Coinbase-GDAX, Gatecoin, Gemini, hitBTC, Huobi, itBit, Kraken,  Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks, Frauds, and Scams. Those who ignore history are May 2016 - Gatecoin Hack - $2.5m (Hong Kong) · Apr 2016 - Shapeshift  22 Sep 2020 Gatecoin Hack. Gatecoin. 112. 250.

Gatecoin hack

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They started in September 2017, when its Hong Kong-based bank accounts were Gatecoin, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchanged founded in 2013 by Aurelien Menant, a former investment banking expert, has announced it is now bankrupt and would end operations with immediate effect, according to a statement by the firm on March 14, 2019. End Of The Road For Gatecoin Following the hack, Gatecoin suffered a swath of banking disruptions. In September 2017, its Hong Kong-based bank accounts were suddenly frozen. At the start of March, Gatecoin appointed However, the transparent open ledger of Ethereum has come to the disadvantage of the robbers in the Gatecoin hack. The wallets on the ledger which hold the stollen Ether (ETH) tokens have been tagged by the crypto community and the funds are being tracked. Four Ethereum Wallets have been directly linked to the Gatecoin scam of 185000 ETH tokens. Hackers that raided Gatecoin apparently altered the way that the exchange handles its customers’ money before they pulled off their heist.

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Gatecoin hack

19 Jun 2018 seventh in the world by traded value on, suffered a hack that saw about 35 billion won ($32 million) worth of coins stolen.

In 2016, the exchange reported that it had lost 185,000 ETH and 250 BTC of investor funds to hackers, worth a combined $2.14 million at the time. The funds were never recovered. But the hack has not been the cause of Gatecoin shutting shop. Mar 14, 2019 · Founded in 2013, Gatecoin was focused entirely on bitcoin, ethereum, and ethereum-based token markets.

Hong Kong-based crypto exchange Gatecoin was hacked in 2016,  With exchanges dropping like flies due to hacks, the industry has become more privy to nature of cyber security. That being said, the security sphere is vast and if   27 Mar 2020 Cashaa shared that it lost 336 bitcoins to hackers. 2016 (HKT) and the evening May 12, 2016, Gatecoin lost 250 BTC and 185,000 ETH, 15%  16 Mar 2019 Gatecoin, a crypto exchange that was hacked in May 2016, has announced on March 13 that it has received a winding up (compulsory  20 Jul 2017 Time was of the essence, so they saw only one available option: hack the remaining wallets before the attacker did. By exploiting the same  GateCoin was one of the first regulated cryptocurrency exchanges at the time, and its popularity made it a prime target for malicious actors. Hackers managed to  13 Jun 2019 Many hacks are performed for the sake of pumping or dumping the Gatecoin was one of the first regulated cryptocurrency exchange  21 Apr 2020 During the HKUST MBA, Daniel landed a growth hacking internship with cryptocurrency firm, Gatecoin. He joined the program in 2017,  28 Nov 2019 Gatecoin is a digital asset or cryptocurrency exchange with They claim that about 185,000 ETH and 250 BTC were lost in a hack of one of  13 Nov 2017 Gatecoin hack (2016). In May 2016, the Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange Gatecoin was hacked.

Gatecoin. ​. ​. ​.

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Gatecoin hack

A hack and three frozen bank accounts wasn’t enough to make Gatecoin let it go, but it could only handle so much bad luck. Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Gatecoin has published a statement on its website informing users that the exchange has received a winding up order from an unnamed court, meaning it has been […] Mar 21, 2019 · Gatecoin was one of the first exchanges to list Ethereum trading pairs way back in 2015, but ever since a hack in 2016 the exchange has been struggling. At the time the total stolen was worth $2.14 million, a value that has catapulted to a whopping $26 million at today’s valuation. Gatecoin - Gatecoin is a former cryptocurrency exchange, which shut down in 2019 Hacks - Technological exploits, legal or not. In the context of cryptocurrencies, hacks are often related to exchange and wallet intrusions. May 14, 2016 · Throughout May 9-12th, the Hong Kong-based exchange Gatecoin’s hot wallet system was compromised. In an official statement, the company confirmed forum rumours of the site being hacked.

Hackers that raided Gatecoin apparently altered the way that the exchange handles its customers’ money before they pulled off their heist. The forensics suggested that the changes that the thieves made to the exchange caused incoming funds to be deposited into “hot” online wallets instead of “cold” offline wallets. To All Creditors / Clients of Gatecoin Limited (In Compulsory Liquidation) (“Gatecoin”) We refer to the last update of the Joint and Several Liquidators of Gatecoin (“Liquidators”) which was sent by email to all known potential creditors / clients of Gatecoin on or around 15 June 2020 (“Creditors”). The latest victim to suffer from cyber crime is the Hong Kong regulated financial institution for blockchain assets, Gatecoin. On Saturday, the founder and CEO of the firm Aurelien Menant published a statement to investors confirming a breach of Gatecoin’s system resulting in a loss of client deposits.

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May 18, 2016 · On Saturday, Gatecoin CEO Aurélien Menant, released a statement that details the nature of the hack and how the exchange managed to lose 15% of client’s digital currency deposits. Gatecoin has always kept 95% of all customer funds in multi-signature cold wallets, however, the hacker managed to alter Gatecoin systems in such a way as to

The Gatecoin team greatly appreciates the patience of all users and stakeholders while we work with Tehtri Security to confirm all of the details related to the breach and ensure that our systems can be moved to a new, clean, thoroughly tested, and monitored infrastructure before services can resume. Type: Hack / Theft; In May 2016, Gatecoin announced that it had lost 185,000 ETH and 250 BTC, worth roughly $2.14 million at the time, in a hack. The Hong Kong-based exchange experienced an intrusion on its hot wallets, leading to the loss of funds. Days after the hack was discovered, Gatecoin announced that it had lost $2 million during the Dec 04, 2017 · Q: What do Gatecoin do to secure funds of the users?